CBIRC Parameters

CBIRC can be executed in three different ways: Several parameters are allowed to change the default behavior.

Command Line

Use the /? or --help parameter to get a list of all supported parameters.

CBIRC 1.06 (c) 2002-2004 by Christoph Bratschi

 java -jar CBIRC.jar [host [port]]

additional arguments:
 -nick string (Nick name.)
 -host string (Server name.)
 -port integer (Port number.)
 -password string (Server password.)
 -ssl <boolean> (Use a SSL connection.)
 -channels string[,strings] (Channels to join.)
 -keys string[,strings] (Channel keys.)
 -debug <boolean> (Enable debug mode.)
 -timeout integer (Connect timeout in seconds.)
 -sotimeout integer (Socket timeout in seconds.)
 -tab string[:integer] (Add a server tab.)
 -alltabs <boolean> (All input windows in tabs.)
 -codepage string (Codepage for all connections.)
 -codepages string[,string] (Codepages for tabs.)
 -lf string (Set look and feel.)
 -jgui <boolean> (Use Java window decorations.)
 -serverlist string (Alternative server list.)
 -slmode string (Server list mode: init|replace|merge.)
The general syntax of these commands is: -parameter value.

To start CBIRC with a nick of testnick and connect to the server ircserver use the following command:

java CBIRC.JAR -nick testnick ircserver


The applet supports the same command set as the application. For security reasons the settings aren't read or written on your system. The applet won't interfere with an installed CBIRC WebStart or application.

The parameters for the applet follow this syntax:

Object Tag

<object classid="clsid:8AD9C840-044E-11D1-B3E9-00805F499D93"
 width="500" height="400">
 <param name="code" value="CBIRC.class"></param>
 <param name="codebase" value="."></param>
 <param name="Archive" value="CBIRC.JAR"></param>
 <param name="type" value="application/x-java-applet;version=1.4"></param>
 <param name="host" value="ircserver"></param>

Applet Tag

<applet codebase="." archive="CBIRC.JAR" code="CBIRC.class"
 width="500" height="400" align="middle" alt="CBIRC Applet">
 <param name="host" value="ircserver"></param>


Define the parameters in the JNLP file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<jnlp spec="1.0+" codebase="http://www.bratschi.net/cbirc/" href="cbirc.jnlp">
  <vendor>Christoph Bratschi</vendor>
  <homepage href="index.html"/>
  <description>CBIRC is a feature rich Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client written in Java.</description>
  <icon href="icon32x32.gif"/>
  <j2se version="1.4+"/>
  <jar href="CBIRC.JAR"/>
 <application-desc main-class="CBIRC">
If only one parameter is present, this parameter will be split into tokens separated by space. You can collect all parameters in one <argument> element.

Parameter Example

 <application-desc main-class="CBIRC">
   <argument>-host irc.myhost.com -channels #MyChannel</argument>


Parameter Syntax Description
nick string Nick name.
host string Name of the IRC server.
port integer The IRC server's port number. The default is 6667.
password string The server password. The default is none.
ssl <boolean> Use a SSL connection. The default is false.
channels string[,strings] Comma separated list of channels to join.
keys string[,strings] Comma separated list of channel keys. Default: none.
debug <boolean> Enable debug mode.
timeout integer Connect timeout in seconds.
sotimeout integer Socket timeout in seconds.
tab string[:integer] Add an additional server tab: server:port.
alltabs <boolean> Display input windows in tabs.
codepage string Set codepage for all connections.
codepages string[,string] Codepages for each connection tab.
lf string Set look and feel.
jgui <boolean> Use Java (Swing) window decorations.
serverlist string File name or URL of a server list. If the name of the server list ends with servers.ini then the server list is in mIRC's format. Otherwise the server list must be a UTF-8 encoded XML file with the following syntax:
      <?xml version="1.0"?><!DOCTYPE serverlist>
      <serverlist version="1.0" timestamp="date">
       <network name="network name" description="text">
        <server host="host name"
                continent="continent or country"
                country="country or state"
slmode string The server list mode parameter describes how the alternative server list is handled. Possible values are: init, replace and merge.
  • init means that the alternative list is only read if CBIRC is started for the first time.
  • replace means that only the alternative server list is used.
  • merge means that both lists are merged.

Boolean values in <> have no parameters on the command line.
The default values are used if no different settings are present.

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